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Re: BLUECAR.xar (was Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Mac Developer - good news)

Ben Fowler wrote:
On 12/08/06, Phil Martin <Phil@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Christian,

I still don't think you should be editing setup.h in wxWidgets ...

See http://www.wxwidgets.org/wiki/index.php/Setup.H and
. It is certainly true that 'setup.h' is created during the building
of the wxWidgets libraries; but I am not certain that there is an
absolute prohibition against editing it.

The view of the wx Mac developers I spoke to on IRC between my
two contradictory posts was this:
* EITHER use ./configure, from the command line, and pass the
  appropriate parameters; you can still use X-Code (apparently)
  for editing source files, but it should be made to build just
  be executing "make".
* OR use an X-Code and an X-Code project. The X-Code project is
  build by bakefile at the moment, though some people had a go
  at doing this, but never finished it. So it gets out of
  date occasionally (especially on 2.7) but should work on 2.6.
  You will however have to edit setup.h manually.
* Do not mix the two methods.

The advantage of the X-Code project mechanism is that it is far
easier to build a universal binary that way. UB's are not good
for development in that building takes twice as long. Their view
was "use ./configure etc. because it's easier and things won't
go wrong - getting it to work with XCode is actually harder".

(note the above applies to how wxWidgets is built, not how
Xtreme is built; however, it should be just as easy to build
Xtreme using ./configure ; make).

Note the link you provided was quite old.

Caveat: I haven't actually tried any of this...