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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] 0.7 debian packages - please test

Yes, the mechanism you proposed should handle this.  However, I was
hoping that this would be possible in some simpler way.  If the local
install directory is added to the start of the path before running the
local XaraLX then it should find the locally installed filters.  Could
we perhaps do this automatically in XaraLX, e.g. by XaraLX modifying the
PATH so that the directory it is located in gets added to the front of
the path?  It might need to only do it for local installs, e.g. it might
be bad if a program changes the order of the system directories.  This
should allow a locally installed version to find its filters and also
ensure that they are found in preference to the globally installed ones.

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Yes. If the solution I proposed was implemented, and you had both a tar
package and a .deb installed (or for that matter a local autopackage
and a .deb installed), then the filter used would be dependent upon
which version of lx you run. When you run the one from the .deb, it
would use the .deb version. When you run the tar version, it would
run the tar version. etc. (*)