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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] 0.7 debian packages - please test


As one of the users who was having problems with the tar package finding the needed executables I am pleased to say that importing works as expected with these debs. This is after removing all traces of the tar installation from my system.

If I understand correctly, the solution you proposed in the previous post should allow me to track the "official" debs while also making installs in my home directory from the tar packages in order to follow development. This is quite useful, especially now that the point releases are so functional.

Yes. If the solution I proposed was implemented, and you had both a tar
package and a .deb installed (or for that matter a local autopackage
and a .deb installed), then the filter used would be dependent upon
which version of lx you run. When you run the one from the .deb, it
would use the .deb version. When you run the tar version, it would
run the tar version. etc. (*)

Inevitably if you try and install two different versions in the
same place (for instance the .deb, and running autopackage as
root), bad things may happen. But this should allow for people
to have an installed stable version, and test out unstable versions
in their home directory.

(*) or that's my understanding. I'd like to hear from Gerry.