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Re: Bug#382658: [XaraXtreme-dev] [Fwd: Bug#382658: xaralx: Unusable on powerpc (two errors : "Error from Xara Xtreme" and "Load failed")]

Phil Martin wrote:
I see a small improvement in my Mac OS PPC build - two less warnings
about bad values  in grid settings. But colours and general reliability
are not improved - it's still a very unhapppy program on a Big-endian

There must be deeper assumptions about byte order in the program,
possibly inside Cdraw.

I think the easiest way to address this is to get it working on
linuxppc first - then we have the O/S and the endianness as
two different variables. I'd be happy to do this if I could
borrow a fast quad pro G5 or similar for a week or two. Sadly my
tame Mac dealer has since changed hands.