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[XaraXtreme-dev] Mac Developer


This is the daily status regarding XaraLX Mac XCode project.

Today I looked in to the hash function from gcache.ccp from XaraLX
project. It appears to work fine both in i386 and PPC. I was worried
about this function because of the shifting operators that were used. I
thought that this hash function was the cause of the XaraLX crashing in
CamCache::FindEntry() when trying to open Garden_Simple.xar.
I also investigated the asserts that failed during loading of
BLUECAR.XAR. We could load it only in debug mode by stepping over the
assert that failed in bitmap.cpp form wxWidgets. The problem appears from
wxWidgets when is being built using __WXDEBUG__. The XaraLX application
can run with that assert failing so I'm thinking that a solution could
be to build the wxWidgets without __WXDEBUG__ in order to suppress these
asserts. I will keep you informed if this solution works.