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[XaraXtreme-dev] FW: Xara LX import reviews

Some feedback from one of the Rosetta admins regarding Rosetta.


> I can't see anything in Rosetta that allows me to change the status of

> an import or even see evidence of any imports. So does this require
> or another admin to accept it?

Yes, for security reasons, some imports require manual intervention.
Normally, for the first time Rosetta sees a file, or when it's not sure
of where it should go.

> Secondly since we re-launched the project in Rosetta, we've been
> getting some negative feedback about Rosetta from some translators

You can kind of expect this. Some translators are used to their usual
workflow, and changes are disruptive. 

> > I must admit the Rosetta's webinterface isn't really useful. I hope
> > it will be improved by Ubuntu developpers, but up to now I mainly
> > work on the translation "offline" (I download the .po file, like
> > Tobias).

We need to know more about why it's "not really useful". It might not be
for experienced, emacs po-mode using translators, but it does lower the
entrance barrier to the translation world quite effectively. We try to
improve the UI rough edges though. This is one of Launchpad's biggests

> Regarding the upload of .po files: Probably it is a bad, Edgy day, but
> it took now 24h for the uploaded file to get "APPROVED" and it
> probably will take still a couple hours till it gets imported :-(

Unfortunately, it is. Edgy is currently being imported, and that's going
to take a while. We know this is a problem in cases like this one,
though, and we are already working on some ways to alleviate it. The
most obvious improvement will be to switch from a FIFO-like queue as we
have now, to something a bit more intelligent, which will prioritise
files uploaded by humans, so they get imported instantly as when the
queue is idle.

> Many users say that they don't like the web interface of Rosetta and
> so they download the po, translate and re-upload. But if uploading
> involves manual acceptance from you guys or anyone else, then surely
> that's not really workable. Can you describe the process for handling
> uploaded translations please?

It shouldn't need any manual work, except for the first time in some
cases. It mostly boils down to Rosetta knowing about the "path" for the
file. If this changes with every upload, Rosetta holds it just in case
it belongs to another template, so things don't get mixed up.

> Marcus said:
> Markus Nerding has tried a import in Rosetta yesterday.
> This import failed and Tobias has done the same import
> with a revised edition. But this import has the status
> "Needs Review" (since 10 a clock in the morning).

I will go to the queue and approve these entries right away, but it'll
take a while during edgy imports. Bad timing. This kind of queue
blockages only happen every 6 months or so, and today it starts for

Finally, I'd like to make clear that Rosetta is a new development, and
while it's pretty stable and in production stage, every new user have
their own complaints or so. We try to be as responsive as we can, and
try to find solutions to fix our users' issues. An example is the "no
suggestions" mode. I think it's possible we'll see that feature in
production "soon", as it's already approved and shouldn't be too hard.

If we get detailed bug reports, we can work on fixing them. With some
good feedback, we can identify where the problems lie, and go ahead and
fix them.
Again, thanks for your patience.