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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Translation: Lauchpad's Rosetta vs. SVN

> Neil Howe wrote:
> > In a month or 2, I'll poll opinion amongst the active translators to
> > if they'd prefer another solution along the lines you suggest. And
> > perhaps in the meantime Rosetta will improve to address these
> > I've asked the Rosetta admin that I've been talking to for his
> > to the problems you've raised.
> >
> Could you also check why it takes ages to import a edit PO file?
> The file was uploaded yesterday morning, it remained for almost 24h in
> "Needs Review" state, which if I understood it correctly needs only
> manual intervention if there is no " Will be imported to" string.
> is this string)
> Since this morning it is in the "Approved" state - at the end of a
> of 28779 items, which decreases very slowly.
> See
> pe=all
> Click on "Last" and scroll to the very bottom.

I've already asked them about this, but had no response yet. So I
suggest you chase this directly on the rosetta-users mail list too if
you're not already doing so.