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[XaraXtreme-dev] Re: New XCode project

XCode project update:

The setup instructions  have been updated to include libtiff in the configuration of wxMac:

The XCode project has not yet been updated to have ZeroLink turned on because it caused corrupt stack frames on my i386 Debug build... (?)

Clicking and dragging in LX on the Mac often access violates because calls to wxView::GetFrame() are returning NULL and the code expects this function to return a usable pointer. I haven't had time to track down why the wxView doesn't have a valid frame pointer on wxMac (where it clearly does on wxGTK).


On 25 Aug 2006, at 18:03, Phil Martin wrote:

The XCode project has been updated in SVN. It builds successfully on both Intel and PPC Macs (haven't tried a universal binary yet).

The Mac build instructions have been updated to match and are now much simpler than before - in fact they are deliberately minimal.

So, if you're a Mac developer and you're looking for an interesting project for a rainy Bank Holiday weekend (in England anyway) give it a go and let us know what you think.