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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Xara finally dead?

On 28 Aug 2007, at 11.01AM, Alex Bligh wrote:
--On 27 August 2007 20:40 +0200 Philipp Schmieder <WishMaster@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Sorry, I must be missing something. Has Xtreme suddenly stopped
working on your machine? Has anything else changed?
No, but I do miss features which have been availible for a long time in
XaraXtreme's Windows version.
And how else do you explain that the last commit to Xara's SVN has been
made  on "Wed, 4 Jul 2007 11:37:59 +0100 (BST)"

There is a certain irony in people who have never contributed a patch
complaining about lack of commits to the SVN repository.

I have no reason to believe Xara have "ended" the project. However, as
they've said before (about 6 months ago IIRC) they did not get as
much community involvement as they had hoped and were concentrating
on other revenue-generating things for the time being, but that was
up for review.

On a personal basis, I've been busy with other stuff recently.

The source base is still there. If you want progress, send code.

does the mac version even start up yet? i offered help many months ago
but ran away the second i realized the project had binary blobs.

some status/progress reports would be nice. maybe i just missed them tho :)


Alexander Kellett
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