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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Xara finally dead?

Charles Moir a écrit :
>> So there is no chance for a commercial Linux version?
> Yes there is a chance, and I thought that's what I just said, to
> paraphrase 'we remain open to the idea of a commercial version for Linux
> and that could be one way out of the current situation'.
> We'd have to expect to sell a few thousand copies to make it a viable
> commercial product
may i suggest that you start a special buying program for that ?

I'd like to help xara be available on linux but buying a windows version
for that would make xara people thing that just an other windows user is
buying xara... and this is not the effect i want to produce.

You could think of a special program to say buy windows version until
linux version is available with an money counter like freenode people
use each year.

Once the targeted amount of money is reached then you have all you need
to you go on with linux and then you can provide linux version to people
that paid for it (with a nice goodie... something like a tiny tux with
"i set xara free" written on it... collector thing that everybody would
like to have and a way to make a cool buzz around xara)

My 2 cents,