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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] XaraLX-0.7r1717.tar.bz2 disappeared

Luke et al.,

--On 05 September 2006 10:02 +0100 Luke Hart <lukeh@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

You might not want to do that as the brush stuff is not stable.

I agree we should keep the release versions around.


1717 is not an official release version, so is just as likely to be buggy
as any other non-official version. Since the package that is being built
is a -devel I suspect that what is wanted.

My apologies. I thought 1717 was the release version, but of course that's
1692. It's clearly important we keep these around, but that's not the
point in question.

Graeme wrote:
  - Run a checkout of a specific version from svn which will always have
all the versions (svn checkout -r 1717 svn://svn.xara.com .)

This would seem the most obvious solution, but I'm trying to remember what
additional steps are required to make the source tarball out of an
svn checkout. I /think/ just "./autogen.sh", yes?