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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] XaraLX-0.7r1717.tar.bz2 disappeared

--On 05 September 2006 10:51 +0100 Luke Hart <lukeh@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

The svn information is stripped out (by the find command), which is
actually quite important since keeping it in will approximately double
the size of the source archive. Without this information svn up is not
possible. Having said this you could maintain 2 copies of the source, one
with the svn information left in and one without and just make a copy of
the 'live' to the one which is used as the image of the distribution
tarball. This is then stripped, autogen'ed and tar'ed.

Yeah that's pretty much what I do with wxWidgets to get around the
dire slowness of CVS. Do a "cvs up" (so that would be an "svn up" with
appropriate revision things), then an rsync, excluding the unwanted
directories. To that would have to be added an "autogen".

Not relevant for what Vadim wants to do, but I then sync everything into
svk, so I can check out a new version of wxWidgets, do "svk up" etc.,
and it all works instantly. svk is effectively a local-only version of
svn. One day its cvs connector will work properly so the cron job &
rsync becomes unnecessary.