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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Well, finally ...

--On 15 October 2007 23:16 +0200 Philipp Schmieder <WishMaster@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

... finally, Xara stopped working!
On OpenSUSE 10.3 it crashes with this backtrace.
So, guys, think about the linux.com article I posted on Saturday.

As you may know, these problems are rather easier to debug if either you
provide a symbolic backtrace, or at least the version number of the
software you were running, and details of how you provoked the crash
e.g. does it crash on start up / randomly etc.

There is a bug suggesting the binary version doesn't start with the latest
Ubuntu (which appears to be a wxWidgets 2.4 / library problem) but the
source built version does. It's quite possible that is the problem. You
might like to try building with 2.6 and seeing if that works. I don't run
SUSE here so can't help without further information.

I plan to look at the Ubuntu one when I have a spare few hours (I need to
upgrade my Ubuntu first). I am sure we can at least keep the thing running.