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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Well, finally ...

On Tue, 2007-10-16 at 10:51 -0700, Joshua A. Andler wrote:
> Charles Moir wrote:
> > Had you paid for the commercial product, found a bug, then you would
> > have the right to expect us to fix it, and we would. To expect us to fix
> > it in the Open Source version is a fundamental misunderstanding of the
> > Open Source process in my opinion.
> Are you guys now selling a commercial product for linux? That is what I
> gather from the comment above but have seen no such announcements.

I would BUY :) I am sick of using Windows apps for my vector needs. On
windows. I DO NOT USE Xara. My $ goes else where. I use either Flash,
Fireworks, Freehand or Illustrator. Mostly using Fireworks these days,
because it's best of both worlds, bitmap and vector. IMHO Macromedia was
the vector KINGS before Adobe bought them. Now it's a one stop shop for
vectors used in print or other media like web. I would never consider
any other vector products for OS X or Windows.

I can't believe neither Adobe or MM looked to port their apps to Linux.
It's a COMPLETELY open market.


Notice all the commercial ones on Windows and etc. As stated before Xara
has competition there. There is NO competition for a commercial,
professional quality vector graphics editor for Linux.

I think Xara's mistake was either not fully open sourcing the ENTIRE app
to fully embrace the community. OR keep it entirely closed source, and
sell/license it for use on Linux.

Based on what I have seen I think the later is much better. I don't
think Xara is comfortable giving out what they have spent time and $
developing. But without, it will never be 100% supported if at all by
the Open Source community. So just keep it all closed, and sell
licenses. Problem solved and we can all move forward.

The present quagmire comes from both sides are dictating to each other.
Xara wants the community to support the open parts. But do not want to
completely open source everything. Which is what the community wants, if
they are to be responsible for supporting the app. Neither side willing
to budge, which really falls more on the backs of Xara. Since they
started it all :) It's not like the community gave the code to Xara,
it's the other way around.

Having Xara support the closed source aspect, and the community the
open. Is hardly ideal. The development model there has already failed.
What would make one thing the support model would succeed?

It's time for a new direction, either fully open, or fully closed.
Either way I really don't care. I just NEED a native professional
quality vector editing app for Linux/*nix. Who ever is first to fill
that need, will not only gain me as a user. But possible me as a paying
customer purchasing product/software.

William L. Thomson Jr.

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