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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Well, finally ...

I fail to see what this has got to do with Xara.

You seem to misunderstand the Open Source process.  This bug can and
should be fixed by the COMMUNITY if they so cared to.  But then this
continued expectation, as if it's some sort of right of the community,
that Xara should continue spending money on an Open Source project
appears to be exactly what you misunderstand.

As Martin pointed out, the bug appears to be nothing whatsoever to do
with the CDraw parts, and as such there is nothing whatsoever stopping
you or anyone with an interest in fixing this bug. (which as Alex points
out might well be a WX issue anyway!)

To express a disappointment at Xara (or for anyone come to that) for NOT
fixing a bug when you expect it to be fixed, sort of makes our point.

Had you paid for the commercial product, found a bug, then you would
have the right to expect us to fix it, and we would. To expect us to fix
it in the Open Source version is a fundamental misunderstanding of the
Open Source process in my opinion.


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> > Unless it crashes inside GDraw, I cannot see the relevance. Surely, 
> > all sorts of programs suffer from OS version changes and need to be 
> > adapted now and then. There is nothing to stop anyone from 
> finding out 
> > what goes wrong and fixing it - except in the unlikely event of the 
> > crash being inside GDraw, but there is no evidence to suggest that.
> You/That are/is exactly the problem mentioned at linux.com - 
> and the reason for me to switch to Inkscape and don't 
> recommend Xara anymore to anyone.
> Xara's behaviour is very very disappointing.