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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Well, finally ...

I'm affraid to disagree but think e.g. of Novell. What would users say if 
they'd tell them "Nah, we don't wanna fix stupid bugs in OpenSUSE 10.3! Go 
get SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop XII."?
And I think there's no need to mention that there actually *is* a commercial 
version of Novell's products.
BTW: How can you expect "the community" to fix bugs in a semi-free software 
project? As Linux.com mentioned: Releasing 90% of the source without the 10 
essential per cent is like not releasing any code at all.

> Had you paid for the commercial product, found a bug, then you would
> have the right to expect us to fix it, and we would. To expect us to fix
> it in the Open Source version is a fundamental misunderstanding of the
> Open Source process in my opinion.