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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Commercial Xara Xtreme Version for Linux?

Sorry, should have replied last time.

But yes we have thought about it, and indeed would like to do it. It's
not clear whether it would be worth doing or not, so it would be a
gamble - many people say there is no market for any commercial software
on Linux, but I really don't know the truth of it.  To be honest we'd
probably only need sell a few hundred copies to get a pay-back on the
development work.

And of course the other benefit of a commercial version is that we could
use closed source parts, not just CDraw, but our Pantone licenses, our
PDF importer and exporter code and a lot more. So it would be fully on a
par with the Windows Xtreme Pro release.

So do you think a commercial version would sell?


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> I've asked this some time ago but didn't get any reply. So I 
> try it again:
> Have you thought about releasing a commercial version of Xara 
> Xtreme for Linux?