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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Xara Xtreme 4.0 released

> So why not make a neutral common ground where we could match up
> our feature lists down to tiniest details? This would be a win-win
> for both projects. Neither program is perfect, and each one has
> something to learn from the other.

I once tried to create a definitive list of the in features for our own
marketing dept. They wanted a list of 'everything it could do, every
feature'. It was meant to be down to the tiniest feature. (And example
of the detail we go into - we have a 3 page spec on how the GUI sliders
work. And yes something so utterly mundane really does deserve a 3 page
spec, and it does describes why our slider behaviour is the best of any
app out there. And this is something not 0.1% of our users gives a
second thought I bet)

Anyway, I spent a whole day on this task and got as far as the second

So if I don't even have time to do it for our own marketing dept, I'm
afraid I don't have time to do it as an  Inkscape things-to-copy list.