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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Xara Xtreme 4.0 released

> I think most of the community's disgust for Xara was caused 
> by Xara being frankly dishonest about the possibility of 
> fully open-sourcing it (ie, GDraw) - it turned out that was 
> never the intention.

Do you honestly expect us to answer such emails.

Be honest. You Rob Kendrick are saying that I am a liar. So please don't
hide under the cover of 'the community'. You do not, I'm quite sure,
represent 'the community'. God help it, if you do.

And when you sprout such misguided, and absurd opinions, especially
under the 'community' moniker, I suspect most reasonable, thoughtful
community members are cringing with embarrassment.

Accusing people of lying, being dishonest, doesn't help your cause, does
it? (Unless your cause it that of propagating the negative open source
stereotype, spreading more lies, and damaging what little goodwill
remains, then actually you're doing a fine job!)

So I'm afraid you will get no further discussion from me on the matter.

RMS is right, this is issue is politics, not technical. I personally
detest all politics and politicians, and care only about creating the
best technical product in the world, and of advancing the state of the
art. We're quite good at that.

I apologise to all those reasonable, thoughtful people who did hope and
care. But it is time I also removed myself from this mailing list.