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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Tabbed dialogs


--On 02 May 2006 11:20 +0100 Luke Hart <lukeh@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

I don't think it's right yet, since I can't close down the application if
I've created tabbed dialog. I haven't looked at non-modal ones, yet since
that falls outside my single test case!

I'll fix the close-down issues and then you can look at the non-modal
case (I'm focusing on the export functionality at the moment).

Can I ask another question:

Why create a new wxPropertySheetDialog using the new() function rather than
load it out of XRC? That's what I do in Create(). This should let you put
any additional controls in you want, like help buttons etc.

Sure, you have a need to maintain some other OIL dialog related data in the
class, but that can go in the DialogEventHandler if you like.

This would allow the user to specify in the XRC whether they want a
property sheet dialog, or a wxNotebook (or whatever the scrolly one
with the icons is) etc.

This would also allow you to simply the Create function greatly, in
that most of the work could be done by DialogManager::Create() (everything
apart from loading the tabs in).

More importantly, it would allow you to have wxAUI managed tabbed dialogs,
i.e. dockable tabbed dialogs. These are used reasonably frequently on
other linux apps.