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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Keypress handling


1) Move back to handling the keys at the application level. This is how
they were working before the changes to satisfy the focus handling rules
and had been proved to work.
2) Examine wx code and see if this can be modified to behave in a manner
closer to how we'd expect.

I'd be inclined to suggest initially going down route 1, and then looking
at a cleaner fix later (possibly after 0.5)

I think we should avoid relying on wx changes where possible. So I would
tend to go with (1). However, I think you should be minimally intrusive,
and make sure (for instance) that if a modal dialog is up it gets sent all
keys by your application level handler, and if a control which is (say) a
wxTextControl has focus, it gets sent all keys (at least in the first
instance) - of course it may "send them back" (i.e. do event.Skip()). Ditto
you may have to send return etc. to non-modal dialogs. Does that work?

I (deliberately) do nothing intelligent with keys in dialog manager or
any of our controls.