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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] autopackage

Luke said
> Linux has chosen security over user-convience (exactly how 
> many Windows viruses are spread by users clicking on an 
> executable of unknown origin). I think that this is absoultly 
> the best trade-off, I'd even argue that native packages 
> shouldn't be installed by default on double click.

That is an absurd argument. On that basis the Mac must be appallingly
insecure in your view then. (And actually Windows has digital signing
and also prompts the user with various clear warnings before you can run
an executable - more clear than anything I've seen from Linux).
Presumably I could set the execute bit (the geek way) and I will get no
warning that what I'm about to execute could be dangerous. To me that
sounds terribly insecure.

Is what possible way is asking a user 'do you really want to install
this' and probably even asking for admin password any less secure that
having the user go through an absurd, user-hostile, utterly secret and
hidden file permissions process. It's that attitude that will forever
assign Linux to geekdom and to never be taken as a seriously as a mass
market OS.