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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Irritating font dropdown list

No I do not get that problem on yesterday's build on Ubuntu. That works
correctly in that it can be operated both ways (click-drag-release or
click-release move click-release).

All menus have to work both ways (for Mac and PC users)


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> Subject: [XaraXtreme-dev] Irritating font dropdown list
> Here (SUEE 10, KDE desktop), the font dropdown list works in 
> an unusual way: I cannot simply click to bring up the list, 
> then move over the font I want and click again to select it. 
> If I simply click on the font field or the menu icon next to 
> it, the list is displayed and vanishes instantly.
> There are two ways to get it to work: One is to keep the 
> mouse button depressed, move over the entry I want and only 
> then let go of the button.
> The second is to keep the mouse button depressed and move 
> outside and let go of the button. Then, the list stays on 
> screen and I can make my selection in the usual way by 
> clicking on an entry.
> Neither of these workarounds is very nice and seeing the list 
> appear and vanish instantly is very confusing for users. Do 
> others see this as well?
> Martin