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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Fix for bug 1058

> I find this parallel discussion on the list and using the bugzilla
> comment system a bit inconvenient. I see a certain point in having the
> discussion neatly archived with the bug report, but the bugzilla
> message system is very clumsy to use.
> For instance, if I write something there and you reply to it I get an
> e-mail, which is fine. But if then someone replies to your point, only
> you get an e-mail and I will never know that the discussion has been
> updated except by specifically looking for the discussion on this bug.
> This does not seem a very efficient way of communicating to me.
> I have just found a couple of discussions relating to my code on
> bugzilla (e.g., bug #1066), but only by coincidence. I would really
> prefer to have discussions like that on the list. There are quite a
> few important decisions to be taken regarding font support but I fear
> we will not get very far when discussing them in difficult to find
> comment lists attached to various bugs all over the place.

We have a mail list specifically for this. Subscribe to the
bugzilla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx mail list and you'll see all LX bug events
because we make sure that bugzilla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx is on the CC list of
all bugs. See www.xaraxtreme.org/community/.

Alternatively, add yourself to the CC list of any bug in Bugzilla that
you have an interest in. Then you'll be emailed whenever someone adds a
comment. If you're the orginal reporter of the bug, or it's assigned to
you, you'll be emailed anyway.

If a discussion relates directly to a bug in Bugzilla, then it makes
sense to use Bugzilla for comments because then, as you say, the
comments are neatly archived with the bug. If not, then use the dev mail
list instead.