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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Fix for bug 1058

In message <5056CBC646CB4047BB26120F4377DB71D17A47@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
          "Neil Howe" <NeilH@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> I find this parallel discussion on the list and using the bugzilla
>> comment system a bit inconvenient. [...]
>> For instance, if I write something there and you reply to it I get an
>> e-mail, which is fine. But if then someone replies to your point, only
>> you get an e-mail and I will never know that the discussion has been
>> updated except by specifically looking for the discussion on this bug.
>> This does not seem a very efficient way of communicating to me.
> Alternatively, add yourself to the CC list of any bug in Bugzilla that
> you have an interest in. Then you'll be emailed whenever someone adds a
> comment. If you're the orginal reporter of the bug, or it's assigned to
> you, you'll be emailed anyway.

Ah, now I see, thanks for clarifying this. I had assumed I would only 
get an e-mail for replies to my comments. If I can get the full 
discussion by e-mail on any specific bug I want, then it suddenly 
makes sense.