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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Executing Default Web Browser?

Alex Bligh wrote:


Yes please, that would be very helpful. Otherwise we're going to have to
leave the help out of 0.5.

Is there someone that
runs KDE who could tell me:
a) what the test program returns, and

I have a SUSE VM I can try that runs KDE, but it has no wx or dev
packages on it - it's just a base install. Can you send me the test

The one I attached before. Attached again. Instructions for compiling
it are at the top (one line).

The vendor is KDE on SuSE that is KDE based.

b) what the equivalent of gnome-www-browser is on KDE (I seem to


   there being some switch between Konqueror and whatever else but its
   about 5 years since I've used a KDE system).

What is gnome-www-browser? I don't have a package of that name installed
on my FC4 which is running gnome desktop. And no programs called
gnome-www-browser or gnome-www-default-browser. ?

Oh. So typing "gnome-www-browser" does not launch a web browser
on FC4? Well that sounds like the end of that idea. I had assumed it
was a gnome thing but it looks like it a debian & ubuntu only thing.
So much for that plan. Could you just try "locate gnome-www-browser"
just to ensure this idea is completely dead.

I think that is probably the case. FC has a similar utility (htmlview) that hooks into the gnome prefered application system. It is optionally available on Gentoo and possible other distros. I think that it would be possible to link into this information ourselves, which would solve the problem on most modern distributions.