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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Substituted fonts and Bug 1057

We need to decide what to do for 0.5, which needs to be released in the
next 24 hours.

Martin - it seems Alex's Q1 option is the preferred way forward on
balance (ie., including all missing fonts used by the current document
in the font list with "(missing)" tagged on the end of the name. This
means no changes required to the way the combo works.

Will you be able to implement this (hence fixing 1057) and fix 1076
today, in time for 0.5?


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> Martin said:
> > The problem I see is that after loading a couple of documents
> > with missing fonts you will end up having lots of "?" entries
> > in the dropdown list.
> Ah, no what I was assuming was the font list would only show the
> fonts from the current document.
> If the list expanded for each new document loaded and showed missing
> fonts from all loaded or opened documents, then that's not useful and
> positively a bad thing.
> > Would it not be possible to change the box to a read-write
> > combo box, which would not suffer from that restriction? I
> > have very often wished to be able to click in the field and
> > type "Arial"+Return rather than having to scroll a huge list
> > to find an entry I know is there.
> It does this on Windows, and is a required feature. (Although you are
> not technically typing into a writable filed, but just navigating the
> menu by typing. Pressing Return selects the highlighted font.)
> Charles