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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Open file, get standard colours

The #ifndef EXCLUDE_FROM_XARALX in CCamDoc::DefaultDocumentRequired is
causing the important lines at the end of the function to be skipped as
the #else clause is simply returning.

This code should really be asking the relevant filter if it is required
as loading a Xar document should not require the default document.
Loading all bitmap formats will generally require the default document
as they have no document structure of their own.

The comments in the function imply that the person doing the porting was
trying to make it always load the default document but, in fact, it
never does so.  This function should really be called
LoadDefaultDocumentIfRequired so it is clear what it is supposed to do.

Once the function is correctly loading the default document when
required it may also be necessary to set a member variable to indicate
that the document was created from a template so that "Save as" can be
used when the user tries to save the document.  This will ensures that
another file is not overwritten without warning the user (e.g. if you
load fred.jpg and hit save it will probably try to automatically save
fred.xar without prompting if it already exists).


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Hi Guys,

I did do some (though not all) of the code in this area and I think you
are right that at the time it was done there weren't any template
documents to load...

I think the code concerned is in CCamDoc::DefaultDocumentRequired
(wxOil\camdoc.cpp).  It appears that this function simply determines if
the template is required but I believe it should also be loading the
template if it is.


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--On 23 June 2007 18:26 -0400 JLM <jsado_sc5@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> When you open an image or SVG file, a new document is created
> with new tab) but it does not appear that a default template is loaded
> prior to reading in the file.
> So if I understand correctly, you believe that opening a file should
> the same thing as creating a new document and then importing that
> I can change the program to work that way.

Yes I believe so. I am more interested though in /why/ (given we're
using a codebase similar to the Windows version) it doesn't "just work".
Gerry converted this stuff (hi Gerry!) and I'm hoping he's going to
in and say something like "oh yes just uncomment the following line from
this file which was commented out as we didn't have default document
working then". I suspect what is happening is that it is using the wrong
document template (I think there's a very basic internal code generated
one) which is potentially dangerous for lots of reasons.