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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Text on path indents

--On 05 July 2006 12:03 +0100 Charles Moir <CharlesM@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

For consistency are you thinking of showing margins on the ruler for
text on a curve just as you do for normal text?

How would we show margins on the rulers for (say) text wrapped around
an almost-complete circle? The start (normally left) margin could be
to the right of the end (normally right) margin.

If a text story is fitted on a curve which is multivalued for a
given X point (for instance a "(" or ")" shaped curve), how will adjusting
the value of the indent on a horizontal ruler work?

When a text story is rotated, will we show margins on the "other"
ruler? What if it's rotated 45 degrees? Do we show it on both rulers

If a text story is upside down, do we call the start margin the
right margin, and the stop margin the left margin?

What we are currently doing with the indent blobs (and I agree
they should be consistent for wrapping text stories no matter how
created) is effectively to show the ruler on the curve on which
the text is typed. This (it seems to me) is probably the most
useful state of affairs for any non-horizontal text story. I
hope we will be able to keep this (potentially additionally) and
if Martin is doing (say) tab-stops, these should appear on the
curve too. I suspect ruler operation is going to be pretty confusing
for text on some curves.