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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Text on path indents

Charles Moir wrote:
The answer to all these is 'the page rulers will show the column width,
margins and tabs'

It almost doesn't matter whether your story is at an angle, or it's
along a curve. It has a length, and left and right margin and tabs, and
the main requirement is to be able to see those and set them. The page
rulers do this fine.

To be clear, you mean the column width measured parallel to the line,
or parallel to the X axis?

So if for instance I have text at 45 degrees to the horizontal,
and a screen at 1:1, and the a tab stop (say) 1 inch along the
angled line, it will appear 1 inch (not 0.707 inches) along the
ruler, despite the fact that tabstop will (on the page) be directly
underneath the 0.707 point, not beneath the 1.000 point.

And if I have text rotated by 180 degrees, tabs further "along"
the line (i.e. further to the left on the page) will appear
further to the right on the line.

To be clear, I think that's probably the least confusing way to
do it.

There is no plan to have any 'other' ruler.

I wasn't suggesting we should have another ruler. Just that the
existing indent blobs should remain, and remain (well, subject
to Martin's bug being fixed) draggable on the page. It would be
possible to have all ruler blobs replicated on the line to
which the text is fitted in the "proper" place - more work,
but not a new ruler as some of the blobs are already (meant
to be) draggable.