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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Text on path indents

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          Alex Bligh <alex@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Charles Moir wrote:
>> The answer to all these is 'the page rulers will show the column width,
>> margins and tabs'
>> It almost doesn't matter whether your story is at an angle, or it's
>> along a curve. It has a length, and left and right margin and tabs, and
>> the main requirement is to be able to see those and set them. The page
>> rulers do this fine.
> To be clear, you mean the column width measured parallel to the line,
> or parallel to the X axis?

It has to be the real width, of course, i.e., the curve length if the 
text is on a curve. Otherwise really funny things would happen if you 
changed the curve or rotated some text.

> So if for instance I have text at 45 degrees to the horizontal,
> and a screen at 1:1, and the a tab stop (say) 1 inch along the
> angled line, it will appear 1 inch (not 0.707 inches) along the
> ruler, despite the fact that tabstop will (on the page) be directly
> underneath the 0.707 point, not beneath the 1.000 point.


> And if I have text rotated by 180 degrees, tabs further "along"
> the line (i.e. further to the left on the page) will appear
> further to the right on the line.


> To be clear, I think that's probably the least confusing way to
> do it.