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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Landscape printing

--On 10 July 2006 15:52 +0100 Luke Hart <lukeh@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

HPLIP/HPIJS seem to work much better than direct postscript printing.
Printing happens in about a minute or so and is more complete (in the
amurdove case)

Ummmm.. ALL printing is done via Postscript on Xara LX currently. The
question is whether GS renders it or the printer. There is NO OS printing
done at all (and if there was, right now this would go via PS too).
Even printing via Bitmaps (on LX, not Xtreme) uses our PS printer driver
output code (but just sends a single bitmap per stripe).

So I see the same results as you. When using the HPLIP/HPIJS drivers,
it prints via PS, GS renders it, and sends it to the printer. That works
quickly. When using native PS, the printer RIPs it, and it is slow.
I haven't had it fail but then I did buy my printer a memory upgrade
and haven't tried all variants and (as you say) the same printer fails
under Windows in the same way.

I don't think there is a lot we can do about files that fail due to
being out of Postscript memory etc. on the printer when the same
files fail in the same way on Xtreme, GS handles them OK etc., beyond
what we recommend on Xtreme (i.e. reduce the resolution).