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[XaraXtreme-dev] Mac Developer

Hi all,

My name is Cristian Bortes and for the next 4 weeks I'll be working on the Mac version of the project.
For the start I'll give you a brief project status:

- I took the latest sources from SVN

- first I finished to build wxWidgets as static unicode;

- I create an XCode project that contains for the moment two targets:XaraLX and wxXtra;

- I finished building wxXtra as static library;

- when building XaraLX, I encounter these problems :

        - when running build-resources.pl in build resources phase, I noticed that svnversion.h was not created until I set the version with -n option
	 (build-resources.pl -t $TOPDIR -s -n 1.1). Is this version number (1.1) k?

        - furter more, when compiling XaraLX I got this error: wxPostScriptDC is not defined. For this I changed the value of wxUSE_POSTTSCRIPT to 1 in
	 the setup.h file of the wxWidgets .

	- now I'm in the phase of dealing with the undefined symbols, phase that require to add files to the project.

I'll try to keep you update with the Mac status of this project daily.