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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Mac Developer


Cristian Bortes wrote:
Hi all,

My name is Cristian Bortes and for the next 4 weeks I'll be working on the Mac version of the project.


For the start I'll give you a brief project status:

- I took the latest sources from SVN

- first I finished to build wxWidgets as static unicode;

- I create an XCode project that contains for the moment two targets:XaraLX and wxXtra;

- I finished building wxXtra as static library;

- when building XaraLX, I encounter these problems :

- when running build-resources.pl in build resources phase, I noticed that svnversion.h was not created until I set the version with -n option

Are you running this from ./configure, or from XCode? If the former,
the flags should be set correctly anyway. If the latter, you want to
pass "-n 0.7 -u Cristian -x EN" I think. I would not bother trying
to get "-s" or "-i" (determine svnversion, build internationalization
stuff) to work for now.

You may also need to pass "-t <topdir-path> -o <ouputdir-path>".
-t points to the top of your source-code directory, and defaults
to the current directory. "-o" points to the output directory
(defaults to "wxOil" within the current directory).

(build-resources.pl -t $TOPDIR -s -n 1.1). Is this version number (1.1) k?

The version number it wants is the release version number. It doesn't
much matter what you set it to, to be honest - it only appears in
the help.

There is little point passing "-s" right now - it will only go
run "svn" and "svnversion" which may not be in your path.

- furter more, when compiling XaraLX I got this error: wxPostScriptDC is not defined. For this I changed the value of wxUSE_POSTTSCRIPT to 1 in
     the setup.h file of the wxWidgets .

OK, you should not need to edit that directly. Indeed, if you do,
it may not link. I think instead, when you build wxWidgets, you
should pass "--enable-postscript" to ./configure.

- now I'm in the phase of dealing with the undefined symbols, phase that require to add files to the project.

I take it you realize the easy way to get a list of files, is to look
in "Makefile.am" in each directory for the list of files there.
Apologies if this is blindingly obvious :-)

I'll try to keep you update with the Mac status of this project daily.

That's great.