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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] 0.7

> > Well, with binreloc it should be able to work.  What it is supposed
> > do is scan $(prefix)/share/xaralx/filters for xml files describing
> > filters.  This should be able to work at a different location
> > the xml files will probably specify the filter's commands without a
> > so the local bin directory will need to be on the path.  Presumably
> > can be done by setting a modified path for the xaralx command...
> But the SVG filter is not going to be in .../share/xaralx/filters
> in the tarball, is it (unless I'm missing something significant)?

Correct. The tar archive is not in the right structure yet. Perhaps we
should change it now that there's another reason for locating external
resource files relative to the binary. Means introducing a
"share/xaralx" level into the tar archive directory structure and
putting everything except the bin directory under it.

But let's first find out why SVG isn't working for some people even with
the Autopackage.