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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] 0.7


Neil Howe:
>> But the SVG filter is not going to be in .../share/xaralx/filters
>> in the tarball, is it (unless I'm missing something significant)?
> Correct. The tar archive is not in the right structure yet. Perhaps we
> should change it now that there's another reason for locating external
> resource files relative to the binary. Means introducing a
> "share/xaralx" level into the tar archive directory structure and
> putting everything except the bin directory under it.
This would be nice :-)

> But let's first find out why SVG isn't working for some people even with
> the Autopackage.
Are you sure that they used autopackage? They never say so explicitly.

* * *

Localization question: How does one translate
    <DisplayName>SVG compressed</DisplayName>
of filters/SVGFilter/svgfilterc.xml?
It does not seem to be part of the central .po file!