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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Translation: Lauchpad's Rosetta vs. SVN

I'm not sure, if Rosetta is the right tool, but I'm also not
sure, if SVN is the right way. One of the main advantages of
using a Webtool for translation is the possibility to get help 
from other translators during translation. In Rosetta this is 
organized in a simple form: You're able to see similiar or old 
translations of other translators - even from other projects. 
This is a great function.

BUT the remaining functions in the GUI of Rosetta are bad
I don't know the functions in the backend, I criticise the 
user interface and the lack of comfortable functions within
the GUI, like a simple search function.

I've translated 1,808 messages in the meantime (29%), but
I've done this by using poEdit and do some imports. Every
import needs 1-2 hours, until I've recieved the "it's imported"
mail from Rosetta:

- 2006-08-18 23:21+0000 (59 minutes)
- 2006-08-19 02:23+0000 (1 hours 33 minutes)
- 2006-08-19 12:26+0000 (1 hours 21 minutes)
- 2006-08-20 00:29+0000 (1 hours 19 minutes)
- 2006-08-20 21:38+0000 (2 hours  1 minutes)

But I was the only german translator since reopening the 
Rosetta translations on Friday afternoon. Now, we have the 
problem, that we need to import some PO files from Tobias and 
Markus and this import is on the Rosetta import queue since more 
then 26 hours.

>I'm concerned to hear about these problems with Rosetta. The first
>translators we had feedback from recommended that we use Rosetta and it
>seemed the natural way to go. And within a short time of the Xara LX
>project appearing in Rosetta, around 40 translators started to work on
>it! I can't imagine that we'd have generated such interest from
>translators had we not gone into Rosetta.
>So given the shear number of translators that seem to use Rosetta and
>the fact that we've just gone to a lot of trouble to setup a process
>using it, I'd like to stick with it for now at least.

I agree with you, Neil. It's the right way to choose a Webtool for
translation. But I'm not sure, if Rosetta is the right tool (please
remember the long, long time they need to setup a new Xara LX group...).

Perhaps, it's worthwhile if we do some tests with a alternative solution.

My question is: Does anybody know a better Online-Translation-Tool?

 Marcus Reimann