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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Translation: Lauchpad's Rosetta vs. SVN

Up to what I have seen until now Rosetta is simply not usable to do a good translation in proper time. It has nearly no features to help the translator (no translation memory import/export, no search, no sorting) besides showing all the other translations (even 3 times the same ones from the same author ?!). It also has a very poor interface. So working with it is a waste of time. Doing it with an external editor also does not work well because of the poor and very slow import and the difficulties to decide for an alternate translation after the import and much more...

So I discussed that with the other two German translators for a while and decided to stop my activities.


At 10:55 23.08.2006, you wrote:

> > It's maybe possible to do both: ability to work with SVN, and a
> > which daily merge with Rosetta. It's maybe even possible to access
> > Rosetta's translation files through SVN.
> No, it is (in practise) not possible. You want to have only one
> version stored per language - either the database of Launchpad or in

I'm concerned to hear about these problems with Rosetta. The first
translators we had feedback from recommended that we use Rosetta and it
seemed the natural way to go. And within a short time of the Xara LX
project appearing in Rosetta, around 40 translators started to work on
it! I can't imagine that we'd have generated such interest from
translators had we not gone into Rosetta.

So given the shear number of translators that seem to use Rosetta and
the fact that we've just gone to a lot of trouble to setup a process
using it, I'd like to stick with it for now at least.

In a month or 2, I'll poll opinion amongst the active translators to see
if they'd prefer another solution along the lines you suggest. And
perhaps in the meantime Rosetta will improve to address these concerns.
I've asked the Rosetta admin that I've been talking to for his reaction
to the problems you've raised.