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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Build problems on Mac

Alex Bligh schrieb:
>> I tried it once again and clicked heavily on the splash screen and
>> finally! Something! A crash!
> You have now left the land of build problems, and are quite alone (*)
> in a maze of twisty turny maze of debugging problems, all of which
> look alike.
>> help
> The only useful command is:
> - send patch

Well, I'm into some free software projects (vcs-related), but it usually
helped in the past to see something working before getting convinced
contributing to something ;)

I have nothing else but Mac at home, I will give the Linux binary a try
at work. See, all I was looking for was a decent replacement for
Inkscape (which has nice features, but a horrible UI). I was not looking
for contributing to yet another free software project or learning
wxWidgets (where all my Qt knowledge is useless) in first instance.

> (*) unless you want to send me a mac.

Buy one! They're cheap and powerful now ;)

> Alex (with apologies for not being more helpful)

Out of interest - how many other devs are committing stuff to the
project (and what are their main platforms)? I've read of a "shortage"
of Mac developers on the website, does that mean there are _no_ active
developers there?


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