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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Xcode project query

Hi, Ben.

Bakefile would be a great idea, as it was originally created for WxWidgets in the first place, another good suggestion would be Trolltech's qmake, which is used for Qt projects, but it is not tied down to qt related stuff, you could create other Toolkit based projects with it. but you do need Qt to compile the qmake tool.... It generates proper Xcode projects. Also tmake which I think was a trolltech tool as well, was really quite good and easy to understand, I vaguely remember a someone adding support for ProjectBuilder/Xcode project's generation to it, but have not looked at tmake for a while.

I will look more at the Xcode project that has been contributed, and get back to this list on that. As I do know quite alot about Xcode, and MacOS X in general, I do also know about the trolltech Qt and tools, and of course WxWidgets.


On 10/04/2006, at 11:38 PM, Alex Bligh wrote:

Ben Fowler wrote:
You should be able to write a short perl or even shell script to give
you the files (or most of them) that define the symbols that ld is
asking for.

If you want a list of .cpp and .h files in the project,
Scripts/all.sh should give you that. Beware, it will also
give you cpp files that aren't currently compiled. If you
only want the ones currently compiled, best extract them
from the various Makefile.am etc.

Or alternatively, move the build system over to bakefile
etc. which allegedly generates XCode projects as well
as Unix stuff and MSVC project files (ducks and runs).