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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Building resources udner xcode

Alex Bligh wrote:

Phil Martin wrote:

It sounds good in principle - no trouble using gnu make, perl and shell script. The trouble is that, so far at least, the xcode projects (wxWidgets and XaraLX) do not need or use the auto-tools in any way. They use the raw source code and their build configuration settings are bound into the project files.


So, while a build stage that simply issues a make command is very attractive, it's less so if the makefile has to be created by autoconf. Would the resources makefile need to be reconfigured for different platforms?

Sure, but they would not need autotools, because it would be a static
makefile (or you could just use a static makefile, like the
makefile.static arrangement we had before).

Sorry, I don't understand the distinction between those options...

It would be pretty easy to make a short script that just ran
the relevant perl programs, but how would you know when you
needed to run it without something that goes look at filetimes,
a la "make"? I suppose if you like I could write some perl that
did that too, IE a homebrewed version of "make" just for the
resources. This would then give us more flexibility if we wanted
to change build systems.

Xcode "run script build phase"s can be triggered conditionally when specified input files are found to be newer than specified output files. So I think a script would do, no need to re-invent the make system wheel.

If a static makefile were used by the build system on all platforms but a short script were only used by Xcode then I suggest the static makefile would be the better solution because changes would propagate to/from the Mac more easily.