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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Building resources udner xcode


Sure, but they would not need autotools, because it would be a static
makefile (or you could just use a static makefile, like the
makefile.static arrangement we had before).

Sorry, I don't understand the distinction between those options...

I didn't express that very clearly

Option 1, use Makefile.am, Makefile.in, Makefile etc. on autoconf
related builds, but have a static Makefile just for XCode (and perhaps
windows builds)

Option 2, use a static makefile from everything (may be harder
as we'd need to pass locations for perl etc.)

Xcode "run script build phase"s can be triggered conditionally when
specified input files are found to be newer than specified output files.
So I think a script would do, no need to re-invent the make system wheel.

The thing that is hard is noticing when a new file has been dropped
in the directory. This might work with XCode because one of the
files generated is a list of files, but I don't know. Fixing
infinite loops was tricky in the makefile.

If you just want to know the commands executed, it's all the
stuff beginning with "@". The difficulty in interpretation will
be removing the spurious makefile escaping.

If a static makefile were used by the build system on all platforms but a
short script were only used by Xcode then I suggest the static makefile
would be the better solution because changes would propagate to/from the
Mac more easily.

The resources stuff is pretty stable (i.e. changes infrequently) now.
I will try and generate a short script to run it.

Does XCode handle the internationalization stuff OK? (bearing in
mind we do something non-standard).