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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Mac Developer


Thank you for your welcome and for your tips!
Yes, I built wxWidgets with XCode and added wxUSE_POSTSCRIPT=1 in the Project Build settings. Also, I'm taking in consideration the "Makefile" when adding files to the XaraLX project.


Phil Martin wrote:

Hi Christian (Hi Alex),

We're looking forward to seeing the project knocked into shape on the Mac. Good luck!

On 9 Aug 2006, at 16:28, Alex Bligh wrote:



- furter more, when compiling XaraLX I got this error: wxPostScriptDC is not defined. For this I changed the value of wxUSE_POSTTSCRIPT to 1 in
     the setup.h file of the wxWidgets .

OK, you should not need to edit that directly. Indeed, if you do,
it may not link. I think instead, when you build wxWidgets, you
should pass "--enable-postscript" to ./configure.

- now I'm in the phase of dealing with the undefined symbols, phase that require to add files to the project.

Christian may be talking about the XCode project supplied with wxWidgets. If so, it's the wxWidgets XCode project's config that should be changed by editing the "PreProcessor macros" property of the Target and/or Project Build settings, and adding wxUSE_POSTSCRIPT=1 - I think.