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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] ChildWindowFromPoint and other questions

--On 17 April 2006 15:08 +0400 Mark Loumbert <mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have another question: both ColourDropDown and FontDropDown controls
are derived from a general DropDown class that does not have any sources
in the svn repository. Where can I get it ? Or maybe it's name were
changed ?

I presume you have a source for your dialog in XRC. If so, I suggest
you just put a wxComboBox in for now which will send the appropriate
messages - that's what I did with the text tool stuff, Phil did
with a similar dropdown on the fill tool which wanted bitmaps etc.
These will send the correct kernel messages.

The dropdowns are essentially combo boxes which are owner drawn.
I am looking to use wxODComboBox which the wx-dev folks are currently
thinking about putting in 2.7 (if so I shall port it into wxXtra
for compatibility).