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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] wxOil compiling issues


Daniel Fort wrote:
Sorry, I misunderstood at first. I took out the -i from wxOil/Makefile.am,
line 45,

Correct thing to do

> but it still comes up with an error. Is the problem that somehow
wxrc isn't getting an argument? Finally, it is reporting that line 40 in
build-resources.pl 'die ($error);' is a "bad option" -- not sure about
that one.

I think the underlying issue is that your system doesn't have wxrc
installed at all. That's a bug in the gentoo portage of wxWidgets.
I am trying but failing to work around it.

Could you please send me the output of the following command:
  wx-config --utility=wxrc

And if it gives a filename, could you see whether or not that
file exists?

> Hope you don't mind my questions.

Not at all.