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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Patches for Xara: Browser patch, --help patch, "?" -> "(c)" patch, some de_DE translation work


Yes? If so, could you try translating one of the strings with a
copyright symbol in (if you can find where they are used which
is easier said than done).I think while I fixed the input
encoding I didn't check it matched up with an appropriate
output encoding.
Well, if I use the © symbol in UTF-8 encoding in the po file, it shows
up ok.

If I download XaraLX.pot then I see:
msgid "© Xara Group Ltd 1995"
msgid "Copyright © 1994-2005 Xara Group Ltd."
msgid "Copyright © 1997 Xara Ltd."

If I were using Latin1 encoding [however, I use UTF-8], I would say that
the first one is Latin1 and the second and third ones are UTF-8.
Is this related to the space?

Possibly. The input encoding for the .po file is ISO-8859-1 - that may
be different from the output encoding. I think it is just not expecting
UTF-8 /input/ encoding. I couldn't get UTF-8 input encoding to work
(see line to xgettext).

What happens if you translate them when they use © (or whatever)