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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] "?" -> "(TM)" patch; non-ascii in msgid


Alex Bligh wrote:
> I was going to see whether they work in ISO-8859-1 mode
You could then try also the C99/C++  "\u...." [hex] syntax ("\u00a9" 
for unicode for "©").
This has the advantage that you don't need to do recodings (as with
&#...;) and have pure ASCII files.

For ISO-8859-1, I see the following problem: If you use in the
source/xrc ISO-8859-1 and in the .po files UTF-8 (which you need to do
for e.g. Chinese), you may have a problem with the msgid. I don't know
how gettext handles this (in UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1 the msgid are
different?!?. Does gettext translate it back?)

And please test the whole also with LANG=en_GB.UTF-8 to make sure the
8bit characters are shown correctly.

> as I'd like  to work without an EN.po if possible.
I also dislike having an extra file, but it makes it easier for nicer
quotation makes and having an extra .po file shouldn't harm if you ship
anyway some .po files (in the future).

* * *

I really like the new color editor.

- I don't like that it resizes to smaller sizes, if one toggles advanced
or the color model
(the size does not need to be saved; also increasing the size when
toggling changing is ok).
- That is probably a wxWidget deficit: Using the mouse wheel, one cannot
move though the items list (of the closed combobox)

(That brings me to a feature request: I'd also like to use the
mousewheel to quickly change range items e.g. in the colour edit the
edit fields for 0...100% or 0...255 and also for the width/height etc.
edit fields as alternative to the inc/dec buttons.)